Hello Fellow Spirit-Human

Welcome to my web-home! I'm Zoë, a being of light, dark and everything in between.

When I was sixteen years old I received my first “self-help” book. High School and family life were full of challenge and confusion, yet I also had a deep sense hope and positivity, so learning about what I could do to help myself was on my radar early on.

Three years later I began my first meditation course and a whole new world opened up. I started to get glimpses of how powerful the mind and our consciousness is and how it can be used to nurture our inner well-being.


I remember hearing an eye opening quote that goes “The mind is a powerful servant but a horrible master.” and I began to realize that the more I paid attention to what was happening on the inside, the more I had a choice in how I felt and interacted with the world. This was a big deal after feeling stuck for such a long time.

I learned a ton more about myself by majoring in psychology and then at the age of twenty-two, yoga and I found each other. Right away I was deeply drawn towards the self-awareness/self-study part of the practice and from it I felt calmer in my heart, more grounded in my body and more connected than ever before.  The practice of going inward deeply had my attention. 


The rest of my twenties unfolded with more ups and downs, clarity and confusion, and thank goddess I had become a yoga teacher during this time because it kept yoga and meditation in my life. It helped me get through it all and it continually reminded me of why this work is so powerful.  I remember continually experiencing such deep gratitude for it.

So here now, at the age of 41, I am still practicing daily and have picked up some valuable tools along the way.  Tools that have taken me through some very dark places, tools that have allowed me to see the BS I picked up that was not mine or serving me and tools that empowered me to let it all go. Tools that without, I know I would not feel as grounded, aware and free as I do today. 


Yes, the inner-waves still move and pulse within me, yet my ability to ride them with more ease and intelligence has grown. I know what it’s like to feel powerless and I know what it’s like to be empowered. I also know that us remembering our inner intelligence and using our tools of self-love and self-awareness is deeply needed. 


This is were my passion for this work comes from and it is why I feel so pulled and inspired to share it.

Simply put, I am a travel companion for going deep. I accompany others on their journey inward and share tools for turning our love and compassion inwards, tools for waking up our innate inner-intelligence to brighten, heal and strengthen our inner-being and tools for releasing that which no longer serves the soul-consciousness that is us. 

After seventeen years of guiding experiences in healing, I am shown again and again that each of us is inherently powerful and each of us carries our own medicine within. If you are willing, it will show you the way.

If this resonates a truth within you, these are your options for walking with me: group sound circles Sacred Sonic Space, Inner Awakening Experiences and One-On-One sessions by appointment.  

Everyone's path is certainly unique, so what's your medicine? 

May we all feel and know that no matter how it may look, we are always on our path and each of us is truly powerful.

With Deep Love, Gratitude and Joy,


"Zoë is a magical earth angel who beautifully and powerfully holds space for those who are willing to dive within. Her intuition, love, and warmth is felt in every bit of this experience. She’s here to help us remember our divinity. Another friend on the path." -Julia N.

"Zoë is a deeply creative and authentic spiritual teacher with the ability to guide and honor all life forms through her keen awareness and an open heart." -Heidi Marie

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