May the sun melt your heart 

and soak into your bones,

giving warmth and spark

to the places unshown. 


May you wander in your wonder

with brightness in your eyes,

let your consciousness saunter

through the caverns inside. 


May you know you are safe, 

unbridled and free 

to meet yourself with grace, 

giving space for it all to be. 


May you ride the many waves 

anchored to your truth, 

remembering to play 

in the stillness as you move. 


May you carry your feet 

audacious in your steps, 

open to what you meet 

and nothing to regret. 


May you feel connected 

from your edges to your core,

to see the gift life is 

at every moment's door. 


May you remember to give time

to acknowledge your inner wealth 

and always be kind

especially to yourself.






This prayer is for you, and it is for me.

Deep hearted love and gratitude for all.

Welcome to my writings page. Love you.






you are the magic

you are the spark

a walking pulse

of inner light


to the currents

of life

ever spiraling


and through

every molecule of you

close your eyes



you will see


our essence the same

resonance shining through


exquisite is the heart

each vibration uniquely true


circle always returning

every ending birthing new


ripples singing divine

connecting me to you