"To awaken love means to awaken your potential, your deepest power.
It means to awaken the divinity that inhabits you, as well as the gifts and talents that come with it."
- Prem Baba

Next Journey begins September 22nd:

The Inner-Awakening Journey


  One of the most powerful catalysts to our world waking up is the waking of us each. to do our  it will require calling us to awaken with it and believe it or not, the friction, dissonance and triggers of life are all powerful catalysts for.

So how then do we consciously navigate this terrain and also wake up in the process?


Taking the time to slow down, step out of our habitual scripts and pay attention, we step into presence and the opportunity to more deeply understand and play a role in the process of our own awakening. This six week exploration involves just that.

Slowing down, you will learn tools for finding your way out of the monkey mind and into the inner wisdom that is alive and waiting just beneath your surface. We will do this through present-moment based yoga, empowering conversations and in-depth meditation techniques of self-love.  

In an intimate class-size of 4 students, each will participate in three 6-Hour group sessions and individually, each will

receive two 2.5-hour individual sessions where you will have the opportunity to go deeper into your own unique path of Inner-Awakening. Each student will also receive three 30 minute phone check-ins throughout the course.

Choosing into this series for yourself is a commitment and gift of growth, transformation and grace. This series asks for you to attend the entirety of each session and to practice a 15 minute breathing/meditation daily. It also asks for an expanded sense of courage, the willingness to go deep and an abundance of self-compassion. 


It is highly recommended that you have had at least a year of yoga and/or meditation experience.

3 Sunday Group Sessions

Jan 6th & 27th, Feb. 10th

9:00am • arrive & settle

9:15am • presence through yoga

10:30am • listening deeper

12:30pm • potluck & sharing

1:30pm • internal insights

2:30pm • closing circle

3:00pm • namaste 

Group Yoga Session

Group Session 1 • Jan 6th:            

Freedom Lives Within

In the first group session we will make our initial connection with self-empowering tools that have the ability to immediately ground us into the present when life triggers us.

Group Session 2 • Jan 27th:

Fostering the Work

In Class 2 we will dive deeper in, looking at how to use the fire that life brings us as a catalyst for our own healing and inner-awakening process.

Group Session 3 • Feb 10th: 

Grounded in Self-Love

On our last Sunday together we will play with what it means to truly give ourselves what we need as we set intention for our own self-care practice.

Two Individual Inner-Awakening Sessions,  2.5 hours

Having the time to process, ask questions and receive in a one-on-one setting can be essential for communicating with your own internal knowing and intelligence and it is an indispensable piece of this Inner-Awakening series.

Over the six weeks, each student will receive two individual sessions to have the opportunity to explore the path of their own journey in more detail through personal conversation and a guided meditation that deepens the listening of insight.

Once you are registered, we will find a times and days that work for us both and schedule these.

Windswept Hair

Your investment for this series is $625 and a deposit of $100 reserves your space. A sliding scale is available for those of lower income at $525 and $425.

For questions or to register, email me at . 

If you are registering, please include your name and why you would like to participate in this Inner-Awakening Journey.

All group and 1-on-1 sessions will be held at The Loving Well.