States of Being that Wake Up Our Inner Intelligence

Something happens when we close our eyes and shift our awareness towards a state of listening. The channels of our inner circuitry widen and make more space for the energy, the electricity of life within us to flow, speak and heal.


Move • Meditate • Breathe • Awaken

This monthly offering is an opportunity to gather with others and experience what happens when we learn to meet ourselves deeply in ways that light up the intelligence of our inner being. 

"So subtle. So profound. It’s a beautiful way to connect in sacred space with others and with yourself." - Julia N.

Structure of the Experience:
Arrive and Settle - connect, set up, go pee, get tea etc.


Opening Meditation - ground, set intention, fully arrive

Tarot /Oracle Cards - draw a card, listen inward

Freedom Writing - completely for yourself  -  journal in a "stream of consciousness" style  -  free and open to write whatever comes without any concern for content, grammar, spelling

Inner Journey -  the largest portion of the workshop where we cover our eyes and go inward to sense our way through different movements, breath work exercises and a guided, deep meditation 

Freedom Writing Two - completely for yourself  -  journal in a "stream of consciousness" style  -  free and open to write whatever comes without any concern for content, grammar, spelling

Insight Wisdom - insight and wisdom sharing from our travels inward

Closing Meditation - listening inward together one last time asking how we can take this in to our lives

Afterwards - warm, vegan soup will be served for those who feel drawn to stay. I will stay at and keep The Loving Well open until 2:00pm for any integration and processing.

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The Freedom of JOY!

Date TBA


In simply hearing, seeing or speaking the word Joy, you can feel the subtle power of its life-force. A high vibration, elevated emotion that once embodied has the ability to shift even the most calcified, held blocks of the subtle body. In its presence, energy frees up and the flow of what heals us widens. This month, we will wake-up our inner-self with the Freedom of Joy.


WHAT: three hours of a guided

inward experience with option to stay after for soup

WHEN: 9:00am-12:00pm

WHERE: The Loving Well

2918 S. 7th St.

Tacoma, WA 98405

BRING: yoga mat, thick blanket, journal


Pre-registration is required.

Contact me in person, text, phone call or email. 


"Anyone can do this work, learning and growing more deeply in tune to the subtle strength that we all possess."

-Heidi Marie

"The world is increasingly fast-paced, with our phones and our 'to do' lists constantly calling our attention. As hectic as it can get, we still have a real need to slow down, connect with how we’re doing, nurture our wellbeing, and process what is happening in our lives. This experience is an incredibly peaceful way to do just that."


We have all that we need because it lives within us.