States of Being that Wake Up Our Inner Intelligence

Something happens when we close our eyes and shift our awareness towards a state of listening. The channels of our inner circuitry soften, making more space for the energy, the electricity of life within us, to flow and heal.


Listen • Move • Breathe • Awaken

This monthly offering is an opportunity to gather with others and experience the inner magic that happens when we intentionally meet ourselves in ways that ground, soften and light up our inner being.  

"So subtle. So profound. It’s a beautiful way to connect in sacred space with others and with yourself." - Julia N.

Through movement, breath, tarot, journaling, sound, stillness and meditation, you will learn how to activate and explore the powerful state of “neutral-consciousness listening” and how to use the healing energy of elevated emotions as a way to awaken the paths of self-love within.   


There is an energy based intelligence within each of us just waiting for the spark of our awareness to turn inward.


>>Next Experience<<

Saturday October 16th

The Strength of Equanimity

Our ground of center is within, and activating our own inner flow of equanimity moves us towards this steady place to stand. This October, experience what happens when we tune into the space within us that can step back and un-waveringly 

be with what is.


WHEN: every 3rd Saturday



Sol Health Yoga

18810 Meridian E., Ste. 107

Puyallup, WA 98375

BRING: yoga mat, thick blanket, journal, water

YOUR INVESTMENT: a suggested donation of $35-$125

There are 8 spaces available

at each session and 

pre-registration is required.


To register there are 2 steps:

1) Click on this-> <Sol Health Yoga> and get signed up

2) Then email me, Zoë, to let me know which month you have registered for:

For any questions,

text me at 253.226.7229


Arrive & Settle: connect, set up, go pee etc.


Opening Meditation: ground, set intention, fully arrive


Tarot /Oracle Cards: draw a card, listen inward

Freedom Writing: completely for yourself  -  journal in a "stream of consciousness" style  -  free and open to write whatever comes without any concern for content, grammar, spelling


Inner Journey:  the largest portion of the workshop where we cover our eyes and go inward to sense our way through subtle movements, breathwork exercises and a guided meditation

Sound Bath: using the medicine of sound this is the opportunity to relax, receive and release


Freedom Writing 2: see above

Closing Meditation: listening inward together one last time asking how we can take this into our lives​

Closing Circle and Integration: a closing meditation followed by warm, vegan soup to ground and a conversation about how to integrate this work into your life

"Anyone can do this work, learning and growing more deeply in tune to the subtle strength that we all possess."

-Heidi Marie

"The world is increasingly fast-paced, with our phones and our 'to do' lists constantly calling our attention. As hectic as it can get, we still have a real need to slow down, connect with how we’re doing, nurture our wellbeing, and process what is happening in our lives. This experience is an incredibly peaceful way to do just that."



We have all that we need,

because it lives within us.